Fans Weigh In On Whether Or Not Black Swan Is Really A Horror Film

The beauty of horror films are the many ways that it connects to real life issues. Nia DaCosta’s “Candyman” confronts race relations in America while Ari Aster’s “Midsommar” explores the decimation of toxic relationships. Even ten years ago, Aronofsky maintained that the film fell into the horror genre (via Den of Geek). Thanks to a resurgence of the film after its release on Hulu, fans on Reddit have explored this question. “It has many great scenes with typical horror elements including jump scares, figures in the dark, and body horror.

Machination Trailer: Psychological Horror Film Inspired by Covid-19

ComingSoon is excited to debut the Machination trailer for the psychological horror film that is releasing digitally on May 20 from Nexus Production Group.MORE: Bodies Bodies Bodies Trailer: Amandla Stenberg Leads A24 Horror ComedyDirected by Sarah Jayne Portelli and Ivan Malekin, the film is inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on mental health. It stars Steffi Thake, Rambert Attard, Sean James Sutton, and Andrew Bonnello.Check out the Machination trailer below:MORE: Watch Bruce Campbell Narrate Some Evil Dead: The Game Gameplay’News of an out-of-control pandemic has gripped the world and mass panic is pushing humanity into an uncertain future,’ says the official synopsis.

The One Impression That SNL Fans Are Sick Of Seeing

“Am I the only one who wishes they would stop doing Trump?” asked Reddit user u/coachFox. “I know [James Austin Johnson] does a good impression, but I’d really rather not hear about him anymore… He’s barely in the news cycle and it seems like they are trying to milk an old cow.” Johnson, who joined the cast of “SNL” in Season 47, has frequently been lauded for his spot-on impression of the reality TV star and former president of the United States (via The Guardian).  For many fans, however, it seems that Johnson’s impression, while inarguably accurate, has come just a little too late.

Sifu Roadmap Revealed, Difficulty Options Update Coming on May 3rd

Sloclap has revealed its roadmap of updates for Sifu, starting with its Spring Update that releases on May 3rd. Along with three difficulty options – Student, Disciple and Master – it will also provide Advanced Training and Outfit Selection. Deluxe Edition owners can avail of the Young Man Suit for free. In Summer 2022, Advanced Scoring will be added along with new gameplay modifiers. These include having no pendant, all skills unlocked, Bullet Time, no guard, stronger enemies, Golden Staff and only having one health point.